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Welcome to Spark Homestead, a haven nestled in the serene countryside, dedicated to nurturing the resilience of neurodiverse high school aged girls. Our intimate home atmosphere fosters a sense of security and stability, with minimal external stimuli and smooth transitions.. Here, neurodiverse girls receive the unwavering care and support needed to embark on their journey towards emotional and behavioral regulation.



Spark Homestead is an 8-acre sanctuary in a serene and tranquil community, where girls embark on an enriching journey to nurture self regulation and resilience. The expansive farm-like grounds offer a peaceful environment with minimal transitions, few distractions, and ample space to wander while seeking self-regulation and self-discovery. Our commitment to a simpler way of life allows students to prioritize their healing and personal growth, focusing on what truly matters.


Fostering a strong relationship attachment is the foundational cornerstone for nurturing self-regulation in both the mind and body. This is particularly crucial for overwhelmed students, as they often learn best through the process of observation and co-regulation. At Spark Homestead, our dedicated Caregivers exemplify the principles of safety and co-regulation, moment by moment, day by day

To instill lasting habit changes and facilitate the rewiring of neural pathways, it is imperative that consistent and repeated interactions occur over time. This is precisely why, at Spark Homestead, we maintain a low Coach-to-Student ratio of 1:3. This ensures that each student benefits from individualized care, immediate support, and continuous coaching in real-time, fostering their growth and developmen


At Homestead, girls have the beauty of nature within arm's reach, finding solace in the serene presence of animals, open fields, towering trees, and expansive skies. Their daily routine includes engaging in agricultural chores, where they witness the immediate cause-and-effect of their actions and discover the profound meaning behind their contributions.

This close-knit environment instills a sense of family-like cooperation among peers, with a shared goal of fostering a harmonious living space. Through this immersive experience, girls learn the art of collaboration, both with their fellow students and their coaches, thereby nurturing meaningful connections within their home community. As they acquire and apply these valuable skills, they not only fortify their personal resilience but also gain the knowledge to seamlessly integrate these abilities into their daily lives.